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Bringing the World's Buyers and Sellers Together, Safely and Optimally

About Ascension Online Marketplace


Ascension Online Marketplace was created by its parent company, Ascension Advising Solutions, LLC ( as a cost-effective platform for providing marketing, brokerage, and escrow services for our international client base of suppliers.


We will provide a trusted, convenient, and accessible medium for international organizations seeking to provide their products on a global scale via a cost-effective online marketing platform, both B2B and B2C.


We will continually strive to provide a cost-effective and safe online marketplace environment to bring buyers and sellers together under the administration and oversight of our Business and Marketing experts.

How it works


Create your Business Account

We will create and register your Supplier Account, complete with your company logo. Simply schedule a setup call here! click here


Add your Product Catalog

Create your product listings as they exist in your catalog, and set your currency, pricing and even shipping requirements. We then optimize each of your individual products for optimal web exposure.


Registered Buyers then Browse and Purchase your Products

Our system's brokerage and escrow services act as a third-party to safely manage the sales and delivery process to the completion of the transaction


Your Business Gets Paid

You get the full benefits of globally-marketed exposure, and an ever-expanding customer base, and the accompanying revenue


Your Customers take Ownership of Your Unique Products on a Global Scale

This is the core of our mission--To give global businesses an international reach at a low cost, and provide consumers with the benefits of unique, quality products

We Tell the World about you and your unique products

What do we offer that other sites can't? (Click each tile for more info):

Business and Marketing Expertise

Our site is an extension of our parent company, Ascension Advising Solutions, LLC which is a professional Business and Marketing company, dedicated to optimizing your company's business presence

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International Suppliers New to the Market

We search for and then provide a global presence for established suppliers who have historically served more local markets, and help them succeed through a shared marketing cost model

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Let the Marketing Begin!

True Global Support in the UI

We provide a two-sided marketplace with multi-language and multi-currency support to fully accommodate the global market process

Contact Us to Add Language Support for your Region!

We are continually adding new languages as we expand our client base

We Manage the Sales Process

We provide third-party brokerage and escrow services to ensure that your purchases arrive and are implemented as intended and then process the financial transaction for you

Brokerage and Payment Escrow Services to make a seamless transaction

We accept payments in multiple currencies and broker the whole sales process to completion

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